Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Looking for 3-ingredient dog treats to spoil your furbaby?

We all love our dogs and we want to give them the best. That’s why we often buy expensive dog food and treats, but have you ever considered making your own? It is easier than you think!

Aside from the affordability, the best part about making your dog’s treats is that you get to control what goes into the recipe. This results in a potentially healthier and safer dog treat.

So if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach or just don’t like buying stale and unhealthy dog treats, you’re going to love these recipes below.

Before we get started, please remember to consult with your local qualified veterinarian before introducing any new foods/ingredients (including from this article) into your dog’s diet. Each dog is unique and has different nutritional needs.

3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Since many people searching for limited ingredient dog treats own dogs with sensitive tummies, I’ve organized this list of treats by whether or not they have a certain ingredient.

For example, you will see below that there is a link to a recipe for treats that don’t include oats. This means if your dog happens to have an allergy to oats, you won’t need to worry about excluding oats from the original recipe and creating a sub-par treat.

After all, we are trying to bring our dogs some joy! I hope you enjoy all these delicious DIY dog treats that I’m sure your pup will go nuts for.

Dog Treats With Peanut Butter | The Creek Line House

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: canned pumpkin puree, peanut butter, and flour.

Dog Treats With Pumpkin | Garden Therapy

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: unsweetened canned pumpkin, wheat flour, and egg.

Does your dog adore pumpkin? Check out these easy pumpkin dog treat recipes!

Dog Treats With Applesauce | Pet Guide

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: unsweetened applesauce, yogurt, brewer’s yeast, and (optional) cinnamon.

Dog Treats With Yogurt | Urban Bliss Life

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: peanut butter, banana, and yogurt.

Dog Treats With Blueberries | Petco

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: blueberries, yogurt, and banana.

Dog Treats With Coconut Oil | House Fur

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: coconut oil, peanut butter, and cinnamon.

Dog Treats Without Flour | It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: oats, pumpkin, and peanut butter.

Dog Treats Without Grains | Proud Dog Mom

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: chicken breasts, beets, and egg.

Dog Treats Without Pumpkin | Dirty Dachshunds

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: flour, peanut butter, and eggs.

Dog Treats Without Egg | Pups With Chopsticks

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: peanut butter, pumpkin puree, and chickpea flour.

Dog Treats Without Banana | Damn Delicious

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: chicken stock, peanut butter, and parsley leaves.

Dog Treats Without Oats | Bellyfull

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: yogurt, banana, and peanut butter.

Dog Treats Without Peanut Butter | Lilies, Love, and Luna

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: mint leaves, parsley leaves, and greek yogurt

No-Bake Dog Treats | Sunny Day Family

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: coconut oil, pumpkin puree, and ginger.

Frozen Dog Treats | Eat the Gains

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Ingredients: peanut butter, banana, and coconut oil.

Why You Should Try Homemade Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

There are a lot of benefits to making homemade dog treats. One such benefit is that you know what’s in the treats. You know the ingredients and how fresh they are. This can help your dog eat fewer preservatives and chemicals since there will be less in their food.

Another benefit is that making your own dog treats allows you to make them exactly the size and shape you want and in any flavor or type of biscuit/frozen pop your pup likes! You also save money by skipping the expensive pre-made dog food.

Healthy Ingredients to Include in Your Homemade Dog Treats

Did you know that some ingredients are better for your dog than others? There is a vast variety of them out there, not just proteins and bones! Here is a list of the good stuff you can include in your 3-ingredient dog treats recipes.

Benefits of Fish

Fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can help your dog’s heart, skin, and coat health. In addition, fish also contains taurine, which is an essential amino acid for dogs.

Benefits of Fish Oils

Fish oils are extracted from cold-water fish and used as a dietary supplement. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with joint health, better cognition, and vision.

Benefits of Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates that will keep your dog full. Furthermore, these ingredients are also high in fiber and nutrients such as iron and B vitamins.

Benefits of Pumpkin

Keep in mind that canned pumpkin is best for your dog, pumped dry is not.

Pumpkin is packed with dietary fiber, beta carotene, and potassium, all of which help regularity and provide antioxidants to your pet.

Benefits of Bananas

Bananas contain vitamin B6 and manganese and offer anti-inflammatory properties. Bananas are also known to help with your dog’s digestive health.

Bananas are packed with Vitamin B6, which can help prevent seizures in dogs. They also contain manganese, which supports bone structure and aids in muscle growth.

Want to start including bananas in your dog’s diet? Learn how to make easy and quick banana chips.

Benefits of Carrots

Carrots contain vitamin A, Vitamin K, potassium, dietary fiber, and antioxidants that can help protect your dog’s immune system.

Carrots contain Vitamin A, which helps promote vision and bone growth. They also contain Vitamin K, which can prevent bleeding disorders in dogs.

Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt contains calcium and protein, as well as live active cultures. These probiotics help your dog maintain healthy digestive flora while providing support for its immune system.

Yogurt has a lot of benefits for your dog, such as calcium and protein. It also contains live active cultures, which can help their tummies stay healthy.

Benefits of Apples

Apples have been known to reduce the risk of cancer in dogs with lymphoma. Apples are rich in antioxidants that can aid in keeping your pet’s immune system strong and fighting disease.

Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries provide anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin K, and manganese to your dog. In addition, blueberries can help with normalizing their blood sugar.

Blueberries contain antioxidants, which help protect your dog against cardiovascular disease and cancer. They also contain vitamin K and manganese, both of which contribute to bone strength.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a rich and healthy source of saturated fat that your pup might like. This oil also provides essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and Lauric acid, which is beneficial to the skin.

Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great treat for your dog! They contain things such as protein, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. Peanut butter is not only healthy but it tastes good as well!

Benefits of Eggs

Eggs for dogs? Yes, eggs for dogs! Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein and healthy fats. In addition, they’re also a good source of many vitamins and minerals.

Speciality Dog Treat Supplies

Although these fancy little gadgets aren’t necessary for baking delicious dog treats, they definitely help you do it in style! I personally love using specialty dog treat rolling pins to create fancy little treats. So if you are looking to take things up a notch, check these supplies out.

Dash Dog Treat Maker | Homemade Dog Snacks With Recipes

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

If you want to skip the dog treat cutters and baking pans, you can use this cute and affordable dog treats maker. It bakes 8 dog bones at a time and comes with some easy recipes for beginners.

Dog Treat Rolling Pin | Dog Paws Pattern

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

This dog treats rolling pin will help you create Instagram-worthy dog treats that you can show off to all your friends.

We hope you found this list of 3-ingredient dog treats and ingredients to be interesting and informative. Remember that good health starts in the kitchen! So, if your dog is not getting enough nutrients from their food or treats, consider adding one of these healthy recipes into their diet today. It will help them stay healthy while they are waiting for another mealtime.


You can go to the ‘health’ section of the AKC website to read about the benefits of the ingredients mentioned above.

You can learn about the benefits of pumpkin, oatmeal, fish oil, etc. for your dog.

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