9 Of The Best Bike Trailers For Dogs (+ Helpful Safety Tips)

9 Of The Best Bike Trailers For Dogs (+ Helpful Safety Tips)

You will never see a dog happier than when they are with their favorite person in the world (that’s you!), and they’re out enjoying some fresh air. Bike trailers for dogs are one of the best ways to allow your pup to enjoy the great outdoors safely and comfortably while you get some exercise and enjoy the sunny skies yourself.

Now you may be thinking – why on earth would I need a bike trailer for my dog? And that’s a very valid question! Many people don’t realize how dangerous it is to hold a dog leash while riding a bike. They can quickly pull you and cause you to crash your bike the second they see something they want to chase. Not to mention how a leash can pull and choke them while they run alongside you.

Some dog owners like to use dog baskets or backpacks to bring their dogs with them, but those don’t work for large or multiple dogs. Just about any dog can fit in a bike trailer!

Dogs often get tired before we do when it comes to biking (they’re working much harder than we are, after all), so bike trailers allow you to bike long distances with your pup. Some breeds of dogs are also not meant for high-intensity exercises.

Not all dogs are great walkers either. Older dogs or those with mobility issues love the outdoors just as much as any other dog, and bike trailers allow them to still accompany their owners on adventures outside. And it makes taking your dog out super convenient!

Without a doubt, it’s a worthy investment that will last you many years of wonderful trips outside with your dog. If you’re looking for bike trailers for dogs, here are some of the best ones on the market, how to find them, and tips for safe riding.

What To Look For In A Bike Trailer For Dogs

Before I show you some of our favorites, here are a few things to consider when buying a bike trailer for your dog…


You’d be surprised how many different styles of dog trailers there are out there! Once you take a look at the list of some of the best bike trailers for dogs down below, you’ll understand the many options.

Some are narrow to make riding easier for the owners, while others are boxy to give the dog lots of room to lay down. Some are low for little dogs, and others have lots of height for sitting dogs.

Knowing what position your dog will find comfortable will help you select the right style.


Based on the style of the bike trailer you decide to purchase, the ride may feel a little different. Without a doubt, it will take some getting used to as you will be carrying extra weight, longer than normal, and possibly less stable than you’re used to.

The weight of your dog and trailer, as well as the dimensions, can affect your ride. Corners will need to be wide, speeding up takes some sweat, going downhill will require you to brake carefully, and going uphill takes lots of work.


Bike trailers for dogs are going to be more expensive than bike baskets as they tend to be more heavy-duty and work better for larger dogs. This means that most of these trailers are made of solid, high-quality materials. However, you may want fabrics that are waterproof or easy to clean.

Some of the frames are also made of plastic rather than steel. While this makes them less durable than steel, they will be lighter and easier to pull.

Decide which is more important to you!

Bike Compatibility

Some trailers run at different heights, lengths and have different wheels. Not all trailers will work for every bike.

Most mountain bikes have difficulty hooking to the attachments that come with the trailer, for instance. Before purchasing, make sure the dimension of the trailer is compatible with your bike!

Ease of Entry

Most bike trailers for dogs will have a couple of methods of entry. The most frequent ones are backloading entrances. Depending on the trailer, they can either fold down completely or zip up to allow your dog to enter on their own from the back. Other options include front entrances or top entrances. These are better for smaller dogs where the owner can lift and lower them into the carriage.

Some trailers are raised to keep dirt away and allow air ventilation. While a great feature for some, it can make it difficult for older dogs and those with mobility issues to enter on their own.


Your dog is going to be in the trailer for quite a while, so you want to make sure they’re comfortable. While size is a big factor in comfort, you also want to make sure they have ventilation. Some dogs need lots and like to see all the way around, while other dogs may get cold or prefer to feel more enclosed. And, in case it rains, you want to ensure there’s coverage from that too.

The bottom of the carriage may come with extra padding, or it should allow additional room for an extra pillow or blanket to be added.


Just like your bicycle, bike trailers for dogs can also come with kickstands. This helps a ton with loading up your dog into the carrier. Without it, the bike and trailer can tip over while your dog gets in.

If you need to load up a dog by yourself, a kickstand will help to keep everything standing while you are at the back, helping them in.


Some bike trailers for dogs come with extra storage pouches. Rather than store items inside the carriage with your dog, this allows you to keep extra items such as treats, leashes, poop bags, and a water handier for you to use.

Always remember to pack for your dog as well as you when heading outdoors!

Size and Capacity

Carriers come in all shapes and sizes. You want one that is designed for the size of your dog.

Large dogs need something spacious so that they aren’t squished and uncomfortable for the whole ride. Smaller dogs don’t need something too big for them, or they will find themselves being tossed around on every corner.

Before purchasing a bike trailer for your dog, measure your pup first. To find the length, measure them from the end of their nose to the tip of their tail. The height should be measured when they’re in a sitting position from head to foot. The width can be determined by measuring the distance between their back feet.

Each carrier will have a maximum weight capacity. Try to stay well under it if possible, as that will ensure your trailer lasts for a long time.

Remember, just because you’re below the weight capacity doesn’t mean your dog will fit. Two dogs that weigh the same can be very different sizes.

Always allow an extra 2 inches of room beyond your dog’s measurements to ensure they have enough extra space. When in doubt, always go for something bigger.

Know Your Dog

Most importantly, you need to understand what kind of dog you have. Knowing their temperament will help you decide what features you may need. For instance, a young and rambunctious dog will need something durable to handle movement and keep them safe. A dog who likes to lay down will want lots of space to allow them to do so comfortably. Most dogs fall under one of these categories:

  • Curler: Likes to curl up, cuddle, and sleep. They will need lots of width in a trailer to allow them enough comfort as well as a soft surface to lay on.
  • Sitter: These dogs like to sit for long periods of time. Make sure they have enough height in their trailer to sit up in full length.
  • Leaner: These dogs enjoy sticking their heads outside of windows. Choose a trailer that has mesh windows that open up that allow them to poke their head out.
  • Sprawler: These dogs like to lay in all directions. Make sure they have lots of room to stretch out their limbs.

9 Of The Best Bike Trailers For Dogs

Now that you know what to look for, here are 9 of our favorite bike trailers that I highly recommend! 

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Best Overall

Price: $170

This dog bike trailer is labeled as Amazon’s Choice. This means it has good reviews, a solid price, and tons of availability. You can’t go wrong with that!

The brand itself, Schwinn, is a very reputable company known for making bike products. So you can rest assured that this is a quality product from a company that knows their stuff.

This trailer weighs 25.9 lbs and can hold dogs weighing up to 50 lbs. It comes in orange, with alloy steel frames and 16-inch tires.

If you have a larger dog but still want the benefits of the Schwinn brand, they do have a larger carrier designed with big dogs in mind. The design is slightly squarer to add extra stability for larger dogs.

This trailer weighs 34 lbs and is 54.72 x 31.89 x 26.38 inches. It can hold dogs weighing up to 100 pounds and comes in green. The price for the large size is $250.


One of the best aspects of this bike is the Schwinn Universal Coupler that comes with it. This makes it easy to attach to any bike without needing to purchase additional tools such as a hitch. The quick-release wheels and folding frame make the design collapsible for storage.

To enter, your dog can go through the rear doggy door. They can either poke their head out, or you can zip it up with the big screen or waterproof cover. They will still get plenty of ventilation through the sides. Inside, an adjustable leash keeps them from jumping out. Other great features include a washable, non-slip lining and an optional safety flag.

Pros and Cons

How easy this trailer is to use is by far the best thing about it. Not needing any additional tools means it can store easily and set up quickly for those without a ton of room.

Some reviewers have commented that larger dogs (still under the weight limit) can make riding wobbly whenever they stand up and move around within the carrier. This is an issue for most pet trailers, but a wider base helps to stabilize.

Retrospec Rover Waggin’ Pet Bike Trailer

Best for Budget

Price: $130

Bike trailers for dogs can lean towards the expensive side. If you’re just looking to try one out before investing in a high-quality piece, this is a great option for you. Still well-made and durable, this bike trailer is the most affordable option.

Measuring 30 x 19 x 17 inches, it weighs 28 lbs and can hold dogs up to 20 lbs. It comes in either black or blue and fits wheels 20” to 29”.


This bike trailer is perfect if you’re riding with other people. The side is almost completely mesh, front to back, allowing your dog to view 360 degrees. If someone is riding behind them, they’ll be able to see, which is ideal for anxious dogs or those with separation anxiety. Plus, it provides plenty of ventilation!

Like most trailers, it comes with a foldable frame, internal leash, and rear door. It does have an extra storage pouch to store your dog’s items and a plastic cover to go over the front in case it begins to rain. The fabric itself is water-resistant to help keep your pup dry.

Pros and Cons

The 360 view is a feature you may want to keep an eye out for with any curious or anxious dogs. The price point also can’t be beaten, but this does mean the bike trailer may not last as long as others on this list. Reviewers also note that it’s not very intuitive to put together the first time, so you want to make sure you take your time or risk damaging the trailer.

Booyah Small Dog Bike Trailer

Best for Small Dogs

Price $160

If you have a small dog, then a smaller trailer is the better option for you. Not only will it be easier to tow, but it won’t have too much room inside for your dog to fall around in as the bike moves. Try this one for any of your tiny pooches.

This bike trailer for dogs measures 21 x 15 x 14 inches and weighs 23.1 pounds. It’s designed for dogs ranging from 15-20 lbs.


Your dog can enjoy their ride any way they wish with a 3-layer sunroof. You can fully close it during bad weather, have the mesh open for extra wind, or leave it completely open for your dog to pop their head out.

This bike has safety top of mind as it comes with reflectors on the front, back, and sides. In addition to the bright lime color, the optional flag ensures you won’t be missed while riding.

Rather than connecting to the frame, this trailer attaches to the axel to prevent any frame bending or wearing of the paint on the bike. It should work with most bikes and requires no additional accessories.

Pros and Cons

This dog bike trailer is designed with small dogs in mind! Most bike trailers for dogs are built for larger dogs since they can’t go in baskets, but some small dog owners prefer the safety and ease of riding with a trailer. The size means your dog will feel safe and secure while traveling.

One notable con is that the sunroof is attached with velcro. While it stays shut, a strong and rambunctious dog may succeed in opening it. However, the attached inner leash should still keep them in place.

PetSafe HoundAbout II Pet Bicycle Trailer

Best for Big Dogs

Price: $235

This pet trailer will be the best way to get your large dog to accompany you on your next bicycle trip. Sometimes you can pedal for longer than your dog can run, and this trailer allows your dog to continue along with you even when they’re tired.

Blue in color, the trailer is made from an aluminum frame and has mesh siding (with zip-able covers) to keep your dog protected from the sun and weather while also allowing ventilation. Dogs enter from the back compartment that zips up, and they can poke their head out through the sunroof opening.

The carrier weighs 25 lbs and comes in at 22 x 33 x 22 inches. Best for medium and large dog sizes, the large carrier holds dogs up to 100 lbs.


The aluminum is a lightweight yet durable frame that won’t weigh down your bike too heavily. It comes with a hitch that easily connects and disconnects from a bicycle. The carrier itself also collapses for simple storage.

With three storage pouches, you can bring along all the other items your pup may need, such as treats, water, toys, and poop bags. On the inside, a tether keeps your dog safely attached from harness to trailer. They can enjoy the fresh air, and you don’t have to worry about them hopping out!

Pros and Cons

On the con side, a few reviewers had the same issues with this dog bike trailer. For large dogs, some say it doesn’t actually work with dogs weighing up to 100 pounds. Large dogs will also not be able to lay down in this carrier as it won’t be big enough but can comfortably sit with their head out.

Buyers have also mentioned how the accompanying pillow tends to move around quite a bit while in transit, but it is removable and machine washable.

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller and Bike Trailer

Best for Versatility

Price: $260

Booyah also makes bike trailers for medium-sized dogs, featuring a slightly larger design. In fact, this is actually a two-for-one product! This trailer also works as a stroller with no additional materials required.

This trailer weighs 28 pounds and measures 26 x 18 x 18 inches. It holds dogs weighing up to 60 pounds.


Let’s talk about this additional stroller feature!

If you want to walk with your dog rather than bike, you can use the same trailer. When in stroller mode, all you need to do is make sure the front wheel is attached, and it will swivel with your movements. For a trailer, the front part to connect to the bike folds out from underneath the carrier, and you can remove the front wheel.

It also comes with a brake for use while parking and in motion. The suspension means it won’t be such a bumpy ride for your pooch. Other features include a:

  • Foldable frame
  • Inside leash
  • Mesh screen
  • Removable cushion
  • Storage pockets

Pros and Cons

It’s difficult to find convertible bike trailers, especially at no additional cost. Strollers are great for older dogs or those with mobility issues who can’t walk for a long time on their own. This allows them to still accompany you for as long as you want to be outside.

However, if you have no interest in using a dog stroller, this may just mean having extra parts you may not want. And while it fits medium-sized dogs with weight, the inside dimensions may not be the comfiest for them.

Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Best for Durability

Price: $400

As the most expensive bike trailer on this list, it’s going to be the most durable and long-lasting option out there. If you’re concerned about the bottom of a trailer giving out, seams ripping, or bent frames, this trailer should ease those worries. To back it all up, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

This trailer weighs a low 19.4 pounds and measures 36.61 x 31.1 x 31.89 inches. Coming in a dual yellow and black color, it can hold dogs weighing up to 75 lbs.


The strength of this trailer comes from the heavy-duty aluminum frames and quality mesh on all four sides of the trailer. This allows for 360-viewing so your dog can watch everything that passes them by and keep an eye on what’s behind them.

On the inside, the floor comes out for easy washing and includes option tie-downs. The whole tailgate flips down to allow for easy loading, ideal for senior dogs or those with mobility issues. You can also purchase an additional stroller kit to convert your trailer into a walkable stroller.

Pros and Cons

The five-year warranty and durability make this a rather safe option to go with, knowing it will last you for quite a while. However, this does come with a high price tag and may not be in a beginner’s budget.

While this trailer can hold up to 75 lbs, larger dogs may not be able to lie down in this trailer. For larger dogs with hip or joint issues, this may not be the best fit. But for medium-sized dogs, the folding tailgate is a great loading feature.

Lucky Dog Pull-Behind Bicycle Trailer

Best for Space

Price: $210

They will see you coming in this bold red bike trailer for dogs! Upon a first look, the most notable thing about this bike trailer is the shape. It’s designed to allow your room plenty of interior space so that they can lay down or stand up. Dog’s choice!

This trailer weighs 34.9 lbs and measures 55.5 x 31 x 79.75 inches (including hitch). It works for dogs weighing up to 85 lbs. The universal hitch should work with 24″ to 28″ bicycles.


The square shape of this design means many dogs will be able to lie down, including larger-sized dogs. Most carriers don’t allow enough room for larger dogs to enjoy lying down, but this one should work for most. The trailer comes with both a front and rear entrance to allow you to load your dog any way that works best for you.

Like most of the other bike trailers, it has a foldable design, mesh and screen covers, light reflectors, and an interior leash. This doesn’t have as much mesh as other designs, which may help anxious dogs as they will feel more protected.

Pros and Cons

The size is something large dog owners may not be able to find elsewhere. Allowing your dog enough room to lay down or stand up makes their journey much more enjoyable, especially the long treks. However, due to its size, some people may have difficulty loading it, even with the kickstand.

It’s also not ideal for small dogs as they may find there to be too much room and may fall whenever the bike rounds corners and moves too much.

Rage Powersports Pet Bicycle Trailer

Best for Stability

Price $260

Riding with a bike trailer can take some getting used to as it changes the center of gravity while riding. Some bike riders may find this a difficult adjustment, especially when their pet is moving around while riding. If you have difficulty while riding, this is the most stable option…for you and your pup!

This dog bike trailer holds dogs up to 18 lbs and measures 56.2 x 29.5 x 36 inches. This bike also comes with a universal hitch for 24″ to 28″ bicycles.


What makes this bike more stable than the others on this list? This trailer rides fairly low to the ground and has a wide wheelbase. This creates a low center of gravity that is less likely to cause it to tip. The larger wheels also make the ride more stable and even make it suitable for trail riding. Pebbles, grass, and pavement are all okay for these wheels.

This is another trailer that can also be converted into a stroller. It comes with lots of mesh siding for visibility and airflow.

Pros and Cons

If you have a pet who likes to move around a lot or isn’t too confident while riding the bike, a super stable bike trailer will help to ease any kind of worries. The large wheels combined with the ability to convert into a stroller make it very versatile in the types of rides you want to go on.

The frame of this design is plastic rather than any kind of metal. This means it may not be as durable as steel options, especially if you decide to fold it up often.

Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Bike Pet Trailer

Best for Height

Price $346

Do you have a tall dog? This design offers the most headspace out of all the options on this list, allowing your dog to comfortably stand up inside the trailer. And you can’t help but nod your head in approval at the appearance of this dog trailer. It will make all the other pups jealous!

This bike trailer is good for dogs up to 55 lbs as a trailer and 66 lbs as a stroller (yes, it’s convertible!) It comes in a “latte” color, and the carriage measures 28” x 18” x 25”.


Calling all dogs who love a good view! Your dog can stand up in this trailer and still be inside the mesh cover. This is great for when you’re traveling in all kinds of weather. They can stay away from bugs, sun, and rain while staying inside but can still stand up as they choose.

Because of its design, it has a top opening, front opening, and rear opening to give your dog plenty of viewing options as well as make loading quick for you. The base is higher than most to help with heat from the pavement and collecting dust from trails.

When in stroller mode, you can also use the cup holders, adjustable handles, and rear brake. The wheels are also suitable for all kinds of terrain being shock absorbent, made of rubbers, and containing built-in suspension.

Pros and Cons

The unique shape and design of this trailer are something to be admired. It’s great for dogs who are leaners or sitters due to its height and multiple openings. The versatility is also something many dog owners may be interested in.

Because this is a convertible design, you either have to find a place to store the front wheel while using it as a bike or the bike connector when using it as a stroller. And because it’s higher off the ground, older dogs may need assistance getting in and out of the stroller.

How To Introduce Your Dog To A Bike Trailer

Whenever introducing something new to your dog, it’s always a good idea to start off slow. For your bike trailer, don’t assume they can hop in and be okay immediately with their first ride. It takes some time to get there! Here is how you can slowly introduce them to this new item in their life.

Start It Off As A Crate

Remove the wheels of the bike trailer and bring it inside the house to a room your dog feels comfortable in. Open up all the mesh sidings to make the carriage feel as inviting as possible. Place treats nearby (not yet in) the carriage.

You may find that your dog enters on its own without any prompt. If they do, be sure to reward them!

Once they are used to the carriage sitting nearby, you can encourage them to go in it. Zip up the sides and throw in some treats. Wait until your dog asks to go in by tapping on the carriage or making a noise. This builds anticipation!

Encourage them to step in and out of the carriage to get them used to it as much as possible.

You can also place your dog’s blankets and toys inside to make it feel safe and familiar. For stubborn pets, you can also place their food bowl inside to get them to go in. At night, feel free to move it by their favorite sleeping spot.

Add Movement

Once they are comfortable with the carriage, you will want to add in the movement. Add the wheels back on and secure it with any locks. Just like starting off with it as a crate, don’t ask them to go in right away. Place treats nearby and then encourage them to go in themselves by zipping up treats inside. Move the carriage gently with your hand while this happens.

Your dog may be surprised or scared by the movement at first. Give them lots of treats, so they know it’s okay. Practice going in and out with the wheels.

Close The Mesh

Once they are okay with the movement, you will want to invite them into the carrier and close the mesh. Stay right next to them and partially open the mesh to offer them treats while inside. If it has a top flap, you can also open that to give them treats.

Over time, you will want to lengthen the duration. This can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Follow at the pace that your dog is comfortable with. Place toys and blankets inside to entertain them.

Then, add movement back in and move them around the room and the house. Keep the treats coming!

Bring Them Outside

Once they enjoy being inside the trailer, it’s time to bring them outside. Hitch your trailer to your bike and invite your dog to climb aboard. Make sure to harness them with the interior leash to keep them secure. Open the top flap if that is how your dog is comfortable.

Instead of riding the bike right away, walk the bike, so your dog gets used to the movement. Do this in a quiet area with as few distractions as possible. You don’t want anything to frighten them or give them a reason to try and escape (even though they can’t).

Go On Your First Ride

It’s finally time to start biking! Keep your first ride short, so your dog slowly gets used to being in the carriage for long periods of time. But pretty quickly, your dog will love the feeling of the wind and getting to take in all the sights.

Slowly, you can work your way up to busier areas and know that your dog is safe and used to being in the carriage.

If your dog is nervous at all, avoid any stress and be patient. They will also mimic your emotions, so act curious and relaxed. Every dog goes at its own pace. For some, this could take a week and others a couple of months. Never rush them, as it will only reverse their progress.

Remember, always use plenty of treats and praise, respect their comfort before moving on to the next step, and never use fear or pain as training methods.

Safety Tips For Bike Trailers For Dogs

When it comes to your four-legged friend, their safety should always be top of mind. For bikes, bike baskets are only safe for small-sized dogs, and running with your dog alongside you can be very dangerous.

In terms of safety, bike trailers for dogs are your best bet. In the event of a bike crash or tipping, your dog is safely inside with its cage-like protection.

But, there are some things you can do to ensure that you have no accidents or incidents that compromise your dogs or your own safety.

Make Yourself Visible To Drivers

If you are biking alongside cars or intend to use your carrier close to sundown, you will want to make sure you are noticeable to everyone around you. Most bike trailers for dogs come in bright colors to help with visibility. You can also add additional light reflectors if the trailer doesn’t come with one, as well as a flag.

You yourself should also dress in bright colors. Consider wearing something with reflective tape or a flashing light to indicate to drivers that you are nearby. Always assume that they can’t see you when riding nearby and always bike offensively.

Don’t Speed

The rush of wind can be lovely, especially on a hot summer’s day. But, you don’t need to go too fast to get a nice breeze for you and your pup. Keep your speed under 10 mph (if you can even get that high lugging a dog behind you!) to give yourself more control when steering and braking.

Riding with a bike trailer is not the same as riding without one, and you need to make sure you’re always in control.

Avoid Traffic Heavy Areas

Cars will always be the greatest risk when biking. Avoid them altogether by sticking to sidewalks, trails, and bike paths. If possible, stick to backroads as much as you can to avoid traffic-heavy areas.

Google Maps is a great tool to use! Before heading out on your bike ride, map it out so that you know exactly what route to take. It allows you to select the best and safest route for bikes, encouraging slow streets and ones with bike lanes.

The more confident we are with a route, the less likely there will be accidents. Stick to the same route as often as possible and leave the exploring to bike paths and other less crowded areas.

Avoid Bad Weather

Before heading out on your bike trip, always check the weather. If it’s nothing but sunny, blue skies, you still never know how fast the weather could turn. Even if your bike trailer is weather-resistant and has rain protection, your pup won’t like going at high speeds in bad weather!

Bad weather worsens visibility, meaning you may not be noticeable to cars, or you may not see your own hazards such as uneven pavement or animals. Plus, lots of water can cause tires to slip, and accidents are likelier to occur.

Sunny weather can be dangerous too. Your pup can be quick to overheat in a carriage if it’s too hot out. No matter the weather, always pack them water and a bowl for breaks.

Keep Your Dog Strapped In

All bike trailers for dogs should come with an interior leash or a few to keep your dog securely inside. Even if you’re riding with all the openings fully closed, you want to use the leash.

This helps them from moving around too much inside and also keeps them inside when they poke their head out of an opening.

You never know when a squirrel will get your pup excited, and they try to jump out!

Recommended Safety Equipment To Add To Dog Bike Trailers

In addition to your bike trailer, there are a few extra things you can purchase to make the ride safer and comfier for your dog.

Safety Flag

If you find yourself driving in urban areas or busy roads, it doesn’t hurt to have a safety flag. People who are facing you rather than on your side may not see the bike trailer behind you. This adds height and indicates that you are towing something behind you.

Many bike trailers for dogs come with optional safety flags, but not all of them do. They’re fairly inexpensive and could make your trailer that much safer.

Reflective Stickers

Make sure all sides of your bike trailer have reflective stickers. No matter the color, these stickers reflect a car’s headlights to decrease the risk while riding your bike at night. Even if you have a colorful trailer, these stickers are extremely useful during rainy nights.

Better safe than sorry!

Bike Mirror

Your pooch will be riding behind you, and chances are, you have no idea what they’re up to back there! Rather than turning your head around every ten seconds and risk crashing into something, add a mirror to your handlebars so you can easily take a peek and see how your dog is doing behind you.


A harness is the safer option compared to a collar while riding in a bike trailer. As your dog moves around, attaching the inner leash to a harness avoids any kind of pulling or choking. It holds them in place better, especially around corners and unexpected movement.

Flashing Lights

Mount lights onto the front of your bike, the front of your bike trailer, and at the very back so people can have a good estimate of your length. Lights with multiple functions are great, where you can increase or decrease brightness, change flash speeds, and turn on and off easily.

Flashing lights are a must-have for any evening biker, whether or not they have a bike trailer. Just because you can see the cars doesn’t mean they can see you.

Rain Covers

It’s likely that at some point, it’s going to rain. You will want a rain cover for your dog, especially if you’re doing long treks or a bike tour with them. Most bike trailers only have a small rain cover that covers the front flap. For something a little more heavy-duty, consider buying a larger rain cover.


Goggles may seem silly at first, but your dog will really appreciate them! Just like we like wearing sunglasses, your dog will be protected from UV rays during sunny rides, and they will help to keep your pet’s eyes healthy.

Bike rides get fast, and the goggles help to provide additional protection against wind, water, and debris while riding.

Bike Bell

When you have a trailer, it’s harder to sneak by other people on pathways and trails. A bell alerts anyone that is ahead of you of your presence, so you don’t startle them or cause an accident.

Simply ring your bell as you approach, and this allows them enough time to move out of the way as you have a larger than normal width with your trailer. And watch the strangers delight as you pass by and they notice your pup!


Some of these bike trailers come with extra padding, but others have a sturdy, basic bottom. If you’re going on long trips, consider adding extra bedding or padding to make sitting for your pup more comfortable, especially for dogs with bad or old joints.

Final Thoughts On Bike Trailers For Dogs

While many trailers may appear the same at first, they each have their own features to make them stand out. Your first step is understanding your dog first and what type of trip they would enjoy the most. This will help you narrow down your choices.

Your dog’s safety and comfort should be your next priority. Since they will be behind you, you want to ensure they are secure while you look ahead and pedal. The trip should be nothing but fun, so you don’t want to be worrying while biking!

All in all, investing in a bike trailer for dogs is an excellent decision and will allow you to go on many adventures together. They’ll be memories you and your pup won’t soon forget!

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