Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix: Your Guide To This Remarkable Breed

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix: Your Guide To This Remarkable Breed

As a dog enthusiast, I’m always fascinated by the endless combinations of breeds that can result in unique and charming mixes. One such breed that has captured my interest is the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, also known as the Border Aussie or Aussie Collie. These dogs are a blend of two popular herding breeds, resulting in an intelligent, energetic, and affectionate canine companion.

What truly stands out about the Border Aussie is the remarkable range of colors and patterns that they can inherit from their parent breeds. From black, white, red, blue, tan, and brown colors to merle, tricolor, or piebald patterns, their appearance is a delightful showcase of the best of both worlds. Additionally, they often inherit the distinct white line that runs down the face and snout of both Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.

Border Aussies tend to be medium to large in size, measuring 18 to 23 inches tall with a weight of around 30 to 65 pounds. When it comes to temperament, they are known for their intelligence, energy, and eagerness to please. With a lifespan of around 13 years, this mix is ideal for those looking for a loyal and loving companion that can keep up with an active lifestyle.

Origin and History

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is a fascinating combination of two intelligent and hardworking breeds. As a combination breed, their exact history is difficult to trace. However, I can discuss the histories of the parent breeds, which can shed light on the origin of this mixed breed.

The Border Collie’s history dates back to the early days of livestock farming and the wool trade throughout the United Kingdom. This breed was developed for herding sheep, and its incredible agility, intelligence, and stamina made it an ideal working dog. The name “Border Collie” comes from its origins on the border between Scotland and England.

The Australian Shepherd, despite its name, actually has roots in the Basque region of Europe. The breed made its way to Australia with the arrival of the Conquistadors in the 1500s, who brought the breed for herding their livestock. The breed then made its way to the United States, where it gained popularity as a working dog, especially among ranchers in the western states. The name “Australian Shepherd” originated from the breed’s association with Australian sheep herders who immigrated to the United States in the 1800s.

The history of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix can be traced back to the 1970s in the United States. Thanks to both parent breeds’ strong herding instincts, intelligence, and active nature, this mixed breed also became popular among families and working dogs.

In summary:

  • The Border Collie has a long history in the United Kingdom and was developed as a herding dog for sheep. Its background is closely tied to livestock farming and the wool trade.
  • The Australian Shepherd originated in Europe, made its way to Australia with the Conquistadors, and became popular in the United States. The breed was also developed as a herding dog for livestock.
  • The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix originated in the 1970s in the United States and has grown in popularity due to their outstanding intelligence, work ethics, and companionship.


Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix: Your Guide To This Remarkable Breed

As for the appearance of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, it is a medium to large-sized dog, measuring 18 to 23 inches in height and weighing around 30 to 65 pounds.

Their coat can be a variety of colors, including black, blue merle, red merle, and red, with or without white markings. What’s interesting about their coat is that it often has a marble appearance, displaying a mix of caramel, black, grey, and white. Both the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd have a double coat, so their mix will have a double coat as well. The texture is usually medium, and the length can be medium to long, depending on the parent breeds. You may find the coat to be straight or wavy.

When it comes to their eyes, a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix can have brown, blue, or green eyes. It’s not uncommon to see heterochromia in these dogs, which means each eye can be a different color. This unique trait adds to their charm and distinct appearance.

To summarize, here are some key points about the appearance of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix:

  • Size: Medium to large, 18 to 23 inches tall and 30 to 65 pounds
  • Coat: Double coat, medium to long length, straight or wavy texture
  • Colors: Black, blue merle, red merle, red, and combinations of these with white markings
  • Eyes: Brown, blue, or green, with the possibility of heterochromia

Understanding the unique appearance of this dog breed will help potential owners know what to expect and appreciate the beautiful features these dogs possess.

Temperament and Personality

As an owner of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, I can attest to the unique temperament and personality traits of this crossbreed. They are known for their intelligence and loyalty, which makes them excellent companions for families, active singles, or even those who participate in dog sports.

When it comes to intelligence, my Border Collie Aussie mix has proven to be a fast learner. They are always eager to please and quickly pick up on new commands or tricks. This characteristic is closely tied to their herding instincts – these dogs are bred to be smart and responsive, which makes them excel in tasks that require problem-solving and adaptability.

Speaking of herding instincts, I’ve found that my Border Aussie has quite a high energy level. They love to stay active and require regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness. Long walks, runs, or play sessions at the local dog park help them burn off some of their boundless energy.

The loyalty of my Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is one of their most endearing traits. They develop strong bonds with their families and can be protective of their loved ones. This makes them excellent watchdogs, as they are always alert to any potential threats.

In terms of personality, my Border Aussie is:

  • Loving and affectionate: They enjoy nothing more than cuddling up with their favorite person after a long day of activity.
  • Friendly: Though they may be initially shy around strangers, once they warm up, they are quite social and affable.
  • Playful: With seemingly endless energy, they always seem ready to play fetch, chase, or engage in any other physical activity.
  • Adaptable: As long as they’re with their family and getting enough mental and physical stimulation, they adjust well to various settings and situations.

When it comes to the temperament and personality of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, I would say they truly are a delightful combination of intelligence, loyalty, energy, and affection. Owning one of these extraordinary dogs is a rewarding experience that enriches the lives of everyone they encounter.

Exercise and Activity Requirements

As a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix owner, I need to ensure my dog gets enough exercise to keep their energy levels in check. Both breeds are working dogs and inherently energetic, so they require ample space to run and explore.

By allocating 1 to 2 hours daily for exercise, I can keep my dog happy and healthy. This may sound like a lot, but I’ve found that breaking it up into various activities has made it manageable. A few of my dog’s favorite activities include:

  • Long walks: I try to take my dog for long walks every day, or at least every other day. Walking provides physical exercise and offers a chance to explore new environments.
  • Puppy playgroups: Introducing my dog to other dogs through playgroups or obedience classes helps them socialize and burn off energy through play.
  • Herding: As both breeds are known for their herding instincts, offering them the opportunity to herd can be a satisfying and mentally stimulating activity.
  • Running or hiking: Including my dog in my outdoor activities such as running or hiking keeps them engaged and physically active.

By meeting the exercise needs of my Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, I have successfully managed their high energy levels. Additionally, teaching them practical skills like sit, down, and stay has made it easier to manage their behavior when interacting with others.

Using different surfaces and environments for exercise helps my dog become comfortable in new situations. By engaging them in a variety of activities, I can ensure they receive the mental and physical stimulation they need.

Remember that keeping your Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix active and happy is essential for their overall well-being. Providing them with a daily routine that includes ample exercise and engaging activities will lead to a more fulfilling life for both you and your dog.

Training and Obedience

As an owner of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, also known as a Border Aussie or Aussie Collie, I found that training and obedience are crucial aspects of raising these intelligent and energetic dogs. The breed has a strong herding instinct and needs mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to thrive.

I started by working on basic cues and setting household rules as soon as I brought my Aussie Collie puppy home. These dogs are eager to please and can pick up commands relatively quickly. Border Collies can learn new commands in just five repetitions, while Australian Shepherds might take around 25 repetitions. However, I discovered that this mix still benefits from the intelligence of both parent breeds, making them relatively easy to train.

In training my Border Aussie, I found that positive reinforcement works best. Rewarding good behavior with treats, praise, or playtime encourages them to repeat those actions in the future. I had to be consistent with my commands and expectations since these dogs require clear communication from their owner to succeed in training.

One thing I learned about my Aussie Collie is that they need a “job” to do. Engaging them in activities such as herding, agility training, or even tasks around the house gives them a sense of purpose and helps fulfill their herding instincts. Providing mental stimulation through puzzle toys or obedience training is also essential to keep their minds active and prevent boredom-related behaviors.

To summarize my experience with training and obedience:

  • Train early with basic cues and set household rules
  • Be consistent with commands and expectations
  • Use positive reinforcement (treats, praise, or playtime)
  • Provide a “job” or activities for mental stimulation
  • Engage in physical exercise to meet their energy needs

As a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix owner, I have found that dedicating time and effort to training and obedience pays off in raising a happy, well-behaved, and engaged companion.

Family and Living Environment

As a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix owner, I can tell you how wonderful these dogs can be in a family setting. Due to their affectionate, loyal, and loving nature, they form strong bonds with their families. They are people-oriented canines and considered excellent family pets, especially for active families with older children.

My Border Collie Aussie mix loves spending time outdoors and engaging in various activities with my family. Their calm yet playful nature allows them to get along well with kids and adults alike. I discovered that these mixed breed dogs have a natural instinct to herd, a trait inherited from their parent breeds which are both renowned herding dogs.

Since these dogs are protective of their family, they can also make good watchdogs – always alert and ready to protect their loved ones. Although they enjoy participating in family activities, they mostly thrive on farms or in homes with large yards, where they can burn off their energy and put their herding skills to good use.

However, my experience has taught me that this breed might not be suitable for every household. Due to their work-oriented nature and high energy levels, they require a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Here are some essential points to consider regarding Border Collie Aussie mix family and living environment:

  • Best suited for active families with older kids
  • Require large yards or farm settings
  • Can be excellent herding dogs and family watchdogs
  • Need substantial exercise and mental stimulation
  • Calm yet playful nature, perfect for family activities

In my experience, if you can provide the proper environment and dedicate time to fulfilling their needs, a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix can be a loving and loyal companion in any family setting.

Grooming and Maintenance

As a proud owner of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, I make sure to groom and maintain my dog’s coat regularly to ensure their health and happiness. These dogs have a double coat, with a long and smooth outer coat, as well as a shorter and rougher undercoat.

I keep to a schedule when it comes to grooming my Border Aussie. I brush their coats at least twice a week, using either a slicker brush or a pin brush, depending on the thickness and length of the coat. This helps me manage any possible tangles and keeps their coat looking dapper. During shedding season, I increase my brushing routine to a daily basis, to help remove the excessive dead hair.

When it comes to bathing, I make sure not to overdo it. They have natural oils in their coat that help keep them clean and happy, so only baths are only given when really necessary. Over-bathing could lead to the removal of essential oils, resulting in dryness and irritation.

Occasionally, a visit to a professional groomer is required. This helps with keeping their hair trimmed, especially around their eyes, and ensuring their underbelly is free of loose hair.

Here’s a quick grooming and maintenance summary for a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix:

  • Brush at least twice a week
  • Bathe only when necessary
  • Regular grooming to avoid excessive shedding
  • Occasional professional groomer visits for trimming

By following these guidelines, I ensure my Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix stays clean, healthy, and ready for all the adventures we embark on together.

Health Concerns

As an owner of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, it’s essential for me to be aware of the potential health issues that may affect my dog. One of the most common ailments that can affect this breed is Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), which is a hereditary eye disease that can also impact other sheepdogs. This condition prevents the retina from developing properly, potentially leading to vision problems.

Another common health issue seen in Border Collie Australian Shepherd mixes is Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a group of genetic diseases that cause retinal cells to slowly degenerate. This can lead to eventual blindness. Cataracts may also develop in this mixed breed, causing cloudy or opaque spots in the lens of the eye, affecting their vision.

My Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix might also be prone to the following health issues:

  • Epilepsy: a neurological disorder characterized by seizures, which can range from mild to severe.
  • Hip dysplasia: a joint malformation affecting the ball and socket of the hip joint, leading to arthritis or pain.
  • Elbow dysplasia: a similar joint malformation but affecting the elbow joint, causing pain and reduced mobility.
  • Thyroid disease: such as hypothyroidism, which is an autoimmune disorder that causes an underactive thyroid gland and can lead to weight gain, lethargy, and skin problems.

To ensure my Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix stays healthy, it’s important for me to provide a suitable diet, regular exercise, and routine veterinary check-ups. Early detection and intervention can significantly improve the prognosis and quality of life for my dog if it experiences any of these health issues.

Availability and Price

When it comes to the availability of Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppies, it’s essential to know how much to expect to pay and where to find them. This mixed breed, also known as the Border Aussie, is a popular choice among dog owners for its intelligence, energy, and affectionate nature.

The price of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppy can range from $600 to $1,000 when purchased from a reputable breeder. Take care when choosing a breeder and ensure that they are reputable, responsible, and genuinely committed to the welfare of their dogs.

Since this is a popular mix, it is relatively easy to find breeders offering these puppies. Online search tools and websites like allow users to search for Border-Aussie puppies for sale in their area. Additionally, many breeders have websites and social media pages showcasing their available litters, making it even easier to find your perfect companion.

However, if you prefer adopting a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, some rescue organizations and shelters may have this breed available. Keep in mind that the adoption fees will vary depending on the shelter, but it could cost anywhere between $100 to $350, which usually includes vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and any necessary medical treatments.

In conclusion, while Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppies are fairly available, it’s crucial to make sure:

  • You get your puppy from a reputable breeder or a rescue organization.
  • Be prepared to pay between $600 to $1,000 if buying from a breeder or around $100 to $350 for adoption.
  • Utilize online search tools and local resources to find available puppies or adoptable dogs in your area.

Official Registration and Recognition

In my research on the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, also known as the Border Aussie, I found that they are working towards official breed recognition. Although the American Kennel Club has not yet recognized this breed, there are other organizations that do.

The American Canine Hybrid Club, the Dog Registry of America, the International Designer Canine Registry, and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognize the Border Aussie. Breeders are making efforts to establish the breed standard and seek recognition from these organizations.

If you have a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix and would like to register it, there are options available to you. For instance, the National Border Collie Association offers registration services for working Border Collies. If your Border Collie is already registered with another association, you can also register it with the National Border Collie Association.

As for litter registration, the National Border Collie Association offers a Basic litter registration PLUS package, which costs $12.00 per puppy registered. This service includes a 3-generation pedigree printed and mailed directly to each puppy owner.

While breeders are working towards recognition of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, it’s essential to keep in mind that the breed’s primary focus is their working abilities. Registration and recognition are often means of ensuring the breed’s stability and future, but the breed’s working nature and potential should not be ignored.

In conclusion, the official registration and recognition of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix are a work in progress, with several organizations acknowledging the breed. If you own or plan to own a Border Aussie, you have options for registering your dog to help support the breed’s development and recognition.

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