Corgi Mixed With Husky: Everything You Need To Know

Corgi Mixed With Husky: Everything You Need To Know

A corgi mixed with husky is a breed that is quickly gaining popularity. Often referred to as a Horgi or Siborgi, this mixed breed dog is a playful and affectionate companion.

The breed is a mix of corgi and Siberian husky, resulting in an adorable dog that looks very much like a miniature husky. This mixed breed is great for those who don’t have the room for a full-sized husky or just want a more lighthearted dog.

Corgi Husky Mix dogs are energetic and medium-sized as they typically take after the corgi size the most. The two breeds blend together seamlessly, creating a fun and friendly dog with the best characteristics of both.

Origin Of Corgi Mixed With Husky

A corgi mixed with husky comes from breeding a purebred Welsh corgi with a purebred Siberian husky. This breeding creates a beautiful dog with the determination and bravery of a husky – and all the adorableness of a corgi.

Corgis are herding dogs and are rather compact in build. Huskies are much larger and have longer legs. This is because they are work dogs, often used to pull sleds.

The combination of a corgi and a husky creates an entirely unique dog that has all of the benefits of both breeds. They are still energetic and friendly, just in a smaller package. Plus, they are absolutely beautiful dogs. 

Breeding these two dogs is still a fairly new discovery, so there is not much history surrounding a corgi husky mixed breed. However, there is a good bit of history on each of them individually. 

History Of A Welsh Corgi

The Welsh corgi was around during the time of the Vikings and was brought to the U.S. in 1936. Since then, they have continued to increase in popularity. They were even a favorite dog of Queen Elizabeth ll. 

Corgis are somewhat short and stocky and have a few shared characteristics of a husky. They are generally fun-loving, energetic, friendly, and silly. Corgis were originally used as herding dogs, so they still have some of their herding instincts. 

History Of A Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is a snow dog that was frequently put to work pulling sleds. Because of this, they are a strongly built breed that is highly motivated and intelligent. The husky didn’t originate in Alaska – as many might think. They were brought there from Siberia in 1909 for sled racing.

This is a very popular breed of dog in the U.S., as they are beautiful and usually have big personalities. Huskies are vocal dogs and have plenty of character to go around. They have no end of energy and require plenty of hard exercises to wear them out.

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Appearance Of Corgi Husky Mix

The appearance of a corgi mixed with a husky can be quite comical if someone is not familiar with the breed. They take mostly after the husky when it comes to appearance – but there are some major differences between a purebred Husky and this miniature mixed breed. 

A corgi mixed with a husky’s face is clearly husky as well as their general build. The main visible difference is that their legs are corgi height. This gives them a cute squatty look, making them appear more like a puppy.

Because corgis and huskies both have similar features, they look very natural when bred together. Although they can favor either breed over the other when it comes to appearance, they most commonly take after the husky parent.


The husky corgi mix tends to take after the corgi side of the family when it comes to size. Instead of being around 30 to 65 lbs like the Siberian husky, this mixed breed tends to be around 20 to 50 lbs. This makes them a great option for those who want a dog like a husky but can’t manage that large of an animal.

The size of this mix varies quite a lot. Generally, if the mixed dog looks more like a corgi, it will be smaller in size – and vice versa. A corgi mixed with a husky tends to be just around 13 to 15 inches tall.


When it comes to breeding two kinds of dogs, the outcome can be unpredictable. This often applies very much to the coat of the corgi husky mix. If they take after the corgi side, their coat could be a red, sable, tan, or fawn-colored coat. On the other hand, their coats may be black, grey, or agouti-colored if they lean towards the husky breed.

This is one of the most unpredictable aspects of this mix since they can be such a variety of colors. Their facial colors will often be the same since both breeds have similar faces. And they might also have white marking characteristics of both breeds.

As for coat type, this mix is almost guaranteed to have a thick coat of medium length. Corgis have a thick and dense coat, while huskies have a heavy double layer coat. Depending on which side a mixed puppy takes after, their coat can be either medium-length or long.

Fun Facts About The Corgi Mixed With Husky Breed 

Corgi Mixed With Husky: Everything You Need To Know

Corgis mixed with huskies are a fun mixed breed, and there are many lesser-known facts about them, mostly because so much of this breed is unpredictable. Let’s dig into the interesting details about what goes into a corgi and husky mix. 

These are a few facts that any potential owners should know!


  • Corgi and husky mixes are usually 13 to 15 inches tall, but they can be taller if they get their height trait from the husky mother.
  • The weight of a husky corgi mix is determined by which breed’s gene is more dominant. They can weigh even more than 50 pounds in some cases if the gene is strong enough.
  • Their legs are very sturdy and stocky so that they can hold their weight. These stubbly legs also add a large part to their charm.


  • The intelligence of the corgi husky mix can quickly lead to stubbornness if their owner is not firm enough with them. They have to learn basic commands and respect for their owner to nip that stubborn streak in the bud.
  • Because corgi husky mixes are so friendly and sociable, it is important to introduce them to other animals as they grow. This will help them to know how to interact with other animals.
  • Anyone interested in this mixed breed needs to be aware that they are barkers. This is a very vocal breed that will be making plenty of noises, especially if they are happy, greeting someone, or feel that something is wrong.
  • Families with children do better if they get a corgi husky mix once their children are 8 or older. Younger children can trigger a predatory response from these dogs if they have not been socialized or trained correctly.
  • If a family with children does get this mixed breed, they must teach the dog how to interact with children. This high-energy pet can be a handful, and they need to be taught how to play with children safely.
  • Because corgis are herding dogs, they might try to herd children around. This is relatively harmless as long as they don’t resort to nipping.


  • Low-calorie and high-protein dog food is the best option for this mixed breed. It provides them with needed nourishment without fattening them up too much.
  • This mix has a tendency towards skin problems which is one of the reasons why regular brushing is so important. If they develop mattes and tangles, they are much more likely to get skin issues.
  • Because corgis are a smaller breed of dog, they often have dental problems. Owners should brush their dog’s teeth regularly to avoid build-up that could cause dental problems in the future.
  • People with pet allergies can still own a corgi husky mix; they just need to prioritize brushing. The more they are brushed, the fewer allergens they will be spreading around in the house.

Temperament Of A Corgi Mixed With Husky

The temperament of a corgi mixed with a husky is another unique feature of this dog. With this mix of breeds, you’ll see the temperaments of both dogs all rolled up into one compact package.  

Corgis are known to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. They are hardly ever shy or afraid and tend to be sweet-natured. Because of these traits, corgis do not typically make good guards or watchdogs, as they can be too friendly and trusting.

The Siberian husky is also very sweet-natured and friendly, and they tend to be very high energy as well. In fact, they have such high energy that many people cannot have them because they require so much entertainment. Because huskies are naturally working dogs, they need to expend large amounts of energy through some form of consistent exercise. Otherwise, they can start to become destructive or too playful.

It is important to remember that with a mixed breed like this one, it is impossible to identify the temperament. Every dog will be different and might not show any of these characteristics.

Caring For A Corgi Mixed With Husky

A corgi mixed with husky breed is a pretty high maintenance dog in comparison to others. They require a little less than a purebred Siberian husky, but they still need a lot of care and attention. Anyone looking to get one of these beautiful dogs really needs to do their research first just to be sure of their decision.

Corgi husky mixes need a certain amount of living space and probably aren’t ideal for anyone living in an apartment or deep in the city. Potential owners should be realistic about what they are capable of handling before getting this dog. They are wonderful pets that you can’t help but love, but they need to be brought home with realistic expectations.

Owners should also be ready to instill discipline for their corgi mixed with husky, as they can be very rambunctious and naughty if not trained and guided properly. Like with any dog, people should always do their research before ever seriously considering getting a certain kind of breed.


Corgi Mixed With Husky: Everything You Need To Know

A corgi husky mix does not need to be professionally groomed, like some other specialty dogs. This is great news because they do require a lot of brushing. These dogs are not for the faint of heart when it comes to shedding, and they will need plenty of dedicated grooming time from their owners.

Both corgis and huskies are very heavy shedders and require some serious amounts of brushing. Because of this, the mixed dogs almost always shed as well. They’ll need to be brushed at least once a week to keep up with the excessive amounts of hair. If they aren’t brushed enough, their hair can start to build up and become matted.

During shedding season, they shed almost twice as much as they normally would, so owners will need to brush them more frequently to keep up with their care. The amount of shedding can be controlled by frequent brushing, and this is especially helpful for anyone with pet allergies. Many people opt to brush them outside of the house since their hair is wispy and tends to fly around, which is a great way to really be able to do a thorough job.

Beyond brushing their coats, the maintenance is a little less intense. Corgi Husky mix coats do not need to be trimmed or shaved unless in a serious heatwave. They can be bathed up to once a month if necessary, which can also help remove excess hair. Their coat is waterproof, so they tend to stay pretty clean unless they get into something and make a mess. Their nails need to be kept clean and trimmed as frequently as any other dog.


Obesity is one of the greatest health concerns for corgi mixed with a husky. This breed has a history of weight problems which can cause more severe health issues down the road (such as back pain, leg pain, and joint pain). Because of this, it is important to watch what your dog eats closely.

Not only do corgi husky mixes need the correct portion sizes, but they also need to eat the right food. With this mixed breed, owners should not allow free feeding. Instead of leaving a well-stocked bowl out at all times, owners will need to have specific feeding times. This makes it easier to track how much the dog is eating so that they do not have the opportunity to overeat.

It is best to provide them with high-quality dog food that is made as naturally as possible. Even a weight watchers brand would be a great option to manage their weight. Keep a close eye on their eating habits and change their diet if any noticeable signs of weight gain show up. Sometimes a decrease in calories is necessary, or in less severe cases, extra exercise is helpful.

Exercise And Play

Corgi Mixed With Husky: Everything You Need To Know

These dogs are very energetic and playful, requiring plenty of activity, exercise, and playtime. Anyone looking to get one of these dogs needs to understand what kinds of activity they would need. Some lifestyles may not be able to adapt to such an energetic breed.

These dogs need regular exercise, not just for their energy – but for their health as well. Because they tend to gain weight easily, it is important that they not only eat well but exercise too. They should be walked regularly and have a decent-sized yard to play in. If they do not have a yard, they should be taken on walks or to the dog park a few times per day.

Playtime is often important and allows them to get out any last remaining bits of energy. This is a great time for owners to train them in how to play gently and obey commands.

Owners must enforce serious training in order to keep this energetic breed under control. They are smart and can be trained as long as they are handled firmly and taught to respect command. Training is good for them mentally and can help to keep them on their toes. The corgi husky mix can be trained and taught to do certain things, which can also help to control their energetic nature.

If they are not engaged enough, a corgi mixed with a husky can become destructive. They are full of energy and need to be given the opportunity for lots of exercises and play to work some of that energy out. Even in play, training is important. Owners will need to be sure and teach correct ways of playing to avoid their corgi husky mix from becoming aggressive players.

With this dog breed, potential buyers need to consider whether or not they can keep up with this high-demand dog. Not only for their exercise and activity needs but with food and grooming – which are just as important.

Life Span Of A Corgi Mixed With Husky

The lifespan of a corgi husky mix is quite good as far as mixed breeds are concerned. They can live for 12 to 15 years if kept in good health.

There are a few possible health concerns that owners should seriously look into just to be prepared. Most health problem traits are not passed on when breeds are mixed, but both corgis and huskies have a tendency to gain weight easily, which makes this mixed breed more susceptible.

Because of that concern, it is important that owners closely control the quantity and quality of their dog’s food.

Another concern to consider is that animals that have been bred to have short legs can suffer from back and spinal problems, which often results in chronic pain and discomfort. This mix could possibly develop skin and eye problems, too. These issues are why yearly visits to the veterinarian for regular checkups are very important.

A few other potential health concerns with this mixed breed are:


Most dogs with epilepsy inherited it from their parents, but that is not always the case. Sometimes a dog can have epilepsy without any known cause.

Epilepsy affects dogs by making them collapse, jerk around, lose consciousness, foam at the mouth, chew their tongue, and have muscle twitches. There are several medication options for dogs with seizures that can help to control this health condition.

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy is a progressive disease that affects the spinal cord. Over time, it can affect the hind legs, causing paralysis, which has no tested treatment.

The only thing that can help with paralysis is intense physical rehabilitation. You may be able to tell that a dog has degenerative myelopathy if they often wobble or sway when standing. They will also have trouble getting up from a lying position and can easily lose their balance.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus 

Patent ductus arteriosus is a birth defect that some dogs are born with. It is caused when the circulation of a dog’s heart is incomplete when they are born. Dogs with this birth defect will sometimes have trouble breathing, exercise intolerance, have a heart murmur, or an abnormal pulse. It can be somewhat treated with surgery or with medical therapy.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a fairly common ailment amongst corgi husky mixes. This is thought to be because they are compactly built and bred to have shorter and stockier legs. Hip dysplasia happens when the thigh bone doesn’t fit snugly into the hip joint.

This often causes chronic pain and limping and can create wear and tear on the joints. Some dogs will show signs of pain as they walk on one or both rear legs, but they also might not show any signs.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

This disease is one of the rare diseases that can occur in humans and dogs. It’s is a blood disorder that negatively affects the clotting of the blood. It is not curable, and it can’t be medicated, but it might be treated with mild surgery.

Without surgery, this disease can lead to excessive bleeding in dogs. Many will show no signs of this disease, but some may have prolonged bleeding from mild injuries or have sudden hemorrhages. 

Back Pain

Back pain is by far the most common ailment in corgi mixed with husky breeds because they are thick and stocky dogs with short legs. 

They are also very prone to gaining too much weight, which only adds even more strain to their small legs. This weight can start to push down on their spinal column and create tension there. This often results in pain and discomfort, but it can also turn into arthritis or chronic limping.

In order to keep this breed from suffering from back pain, owners need to keep a close eye on their diet, as well as focus on muscle-building exercises to keep their back sturdy and strong.

How To Keep A Corgi Mixed With Husky Healthy

Corgi Mixed With Husky: Everything You Need To Know

The most important thing that any owner can do for their corgi husky mix is to purchase them from a reputable breeder. Low-quality breeders do not care for the dogs correctly or test for health conditions.

These oversights, as well as overbreeding, can result in unhealthy dogs that have health issues passed down from the parents.

High-quality breeders will breed with only the healthiest purebreds, and they do yearly tests to make sure that their dogs are in good health.

  • The corgi husky mixed breed requires its owners to keep a close eye on weight management. The best way to do this is to feed them only high-quality food that is also low in calories. They should eat at certain times and only be fed dog food – no table scraps and only healthy dog treats.
  • They need regular exercise and training to keep their energy under control and to keep them happy. If they are kept busy, they will be much less likely to misbehave or look for food to eat.
  • Corgi mixed with husky dogs also need consistent brushing to keep matting and tangles under control. They are prone to skin problems, and matted hair will make that much worse. They will also shed less and feel much cooler if they are regularly brushed out.
  • Because mixed breeds have a higher tendency of health complications, it is important to prioritize regular vet checkups. These should be scheduled once or twice per year just to do the routine health examination. This is especially important since many health issues can go unnoticed and show few signs.
  • Regular appointments will also help owners keep their dogs weight in check since they can see whether their weight has gone up from the last appointment.

Corgi Mixed With Husky: Quick Breed Overview

Still undecided? Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about this dog breed…


Corgi and husky mixes tend to be between 13 and 15 inches tall.


They are around 20 to 50 pounds, depending on which breed they favor the most. Their weight can vary. 


A corgi husky mix has thick, two-layered hair that can be either medium-length or long. They do not require any trimming or professional grooming.


Their coat can be colored – tan, fawn, red, sable, grey, black, or agouti – depending on what breed they favor most in appearance.


This mix sheds profusely and needs to be regularly brushed to remove excess hair. These brushing sessions will need to be increased during shedding season.


This mixed breed is very sociable and friendly. They make great family dogs, enjoy meeting new people, and visiting new places.


Corgi husky mix dogs are very smart and tend to be watchful and aware. This comes from the husky side of the family. 


They are very friendly and will eagerly meet new people.

Good with Children

The corgi mixed with the husky breed are great family dogs as long as their energy levels are taken care of. They make great companions to children.

Activity Level

This breed is very energetic and requires consistent activity and exercise. They need to be played with regularly and given forms of activity and entertainment.


They are generally happy-go-lucky and friendly. Their personality leans more towards being a puppy, and they enjoy being around people.

Destructive Behaviour

They need to be kept active, or they could become destructive and naughty.

Health Conditions

The only real health conditions that all corgi husky mixes suffer from are back pain and weight problems. 

How Much Does A Corgi Mixed With Husky Cost?

Someone who is serious about getting one of these beautiful mixed dogs will need to be aware of the price. This is not the most expensive breed, but anyone looking to purchase from a high-quality breeder will be paying a good amount of money. With breeders, the price will often reflect the care that the dogs have had and whether they are purebred.

A corgi husky mixed puppy will cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000, depending on the breeder. As tempting as it may be to find the cheapest option, the more expensive breeders are usually more trustworthy. The price can fluctuate depending on the area and whether or not corgi huskies are in higher demand.

Only purchase from the most reputable breeders since low-quality breeders do not take proper care of the dogs. And, they are often not bred with purebred corgis or huskies. Puppies from low-quality breeders have a much higher chance of having health issues as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike other dog breeds, husky corgi mix dogs do not require professional grooming. Over time, that can significantly save money since they only require brushing at home with minimal grooming, such as clipping their nails and baths.

List Of Corgi Mixed With Husky Instagram Accounts

If anyone is interested in seeing more of the corgi husky mix, you can check out these Instagram accounts where owners are loving their dogs and sharing about this mixed breed. Their accounts are a great way to see how appearance and personality can vary – every husky corgi mix is unique.

If a potential dog owner is interested in this breed, definitely have a look at these owners and their dogs:

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