The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets For 2021

Nothing beats a good bike ride on a sunny day. The fresh air, exercise, and speed of your feet pedaling make it one of the ideal ways to spend a weekend. Do you know who also loves a bike ride? Why, your four-legged furry best friend, of course! This guide covers the best dog bike baskets to let your pooch follow wherever you go.

Most dogs can’t last a whole bike ride running alongside you, especially the small ones. And older dogs with joint issues still love getting outside even if they can’t go for long walks anymore. Bringing your dog along with you on the bike is a great way to get them out of the house while giving them a front-row seat to the best scenery in town.

While doing some research on what were some easy (yet safe) ways to bring your dog out for a ride, I found that there were a few different dog bike baskets for all sorts of dogs!

What To Look For In A Dog Bike Basket

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know what to look for! Here are some top considerations before making your purchase.

Safety Features

Most dog bike baskets will come with some safety features such as a harness tether, mesh lid, and buckles all designed to prevent your dog from hopping out. Ensure your basket has at least one of these options. Even dogs who like to sit and enjoy the ride may be tempted to jump out at a passing dog or squirrel.

And, for safety reasons, never go above the size or weight limit. This can cause the basket to break or lose its stability. In fact, it’s best to get a basket that is 2-3 lbs above your dog’s weight.

Extra Features

Some dog bike baskets will have some extra features that may make your bike journey that much better. Consider features such as:

  • Extra storage
  • Mesh siding and paneling
  • Weather resistance
  • Rain cover/ sunshade
  • Carrying straps for portability

You may also want to think about how comfortable the inside feels for your dog. Enough space, padding, and soft lining make the trip nice and cozy!


Wear and tear are bound to happen with any product that comes in contact with your pup, but some materials are meant to last longer than others. Nylon, oxford cloth, and other thick fabric will hold up better. Water and sun-resistant fabric will also help it withstand the elements while cycling.

A good structure will also help the basket last. A solid bottom that won’t bend, extra support aligning the sides, and anything containing metal will prolong the life of the basket. You may have to invest a little more for a quality product, but it will be worth it.

Style of Basket

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets For 2021

What kind of bike rides will you be going on? If you want to go for a leisurely cycle around the neighborhood, that will look much different than a full day out on a trail. Some dog bike baskets are better meant for sport or long trips and other baskets are better for an hour or two of fun.

The color and aesthetic of the basket may also be something to consider, though the safety and usage of the basket come first.

Your Bike

Not every bike will suit every basket. Deeper baskets require a taller bike, otherwise, it may drag on the front tire. Wide dog bike baskets may make steering difficult when attached to the handlebars. Before purchasing, grab a measuring tape and the basket dimensions and head towards your bike. This will give you an estimate as to whether or not the basket will work for your bike.

If a handlebar mount won’t work for your bike or the weight of a dog will make steering too difficult, you can find a dog bike basket designed for a rear bicycle mount instead.

8 of the Best Dog Bike Baskets

Dog bike baskets are much more open than other pet carriers, such as backpacks or trailers, and allow your dog to enjoy the fresh air. Find some of the best dog baskets on the market and details about their shining features below!

1. BARKBAY All-In-One Basket

Best for Safety

8 of the Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $50

When it comes to looking for a bike pet carrier, safety is one of the top things that come to mind. Many companies realize this, offering tethers and structures to keep your pet securely attached to the harness. But, some pets like to try and squirm and jump around (say, if they spot a squirrel) even while attached. This BARKBAY basket has a mesh top that cinches around your pet’s neck to prevent any jumping attempts.

Made of pink polyester, this dog carrier is for pets up to 18 lbs. The product itself weighs 4.16 pounds and the dimensions are 11 x 12 x 14.5.


In addition to safety, this basket is also one of the most versatile options out there! Beyond a dog bike basket, you can also:

  • Wear it as a backpack
  • Over the shoulder
  • Use it as a pet car seat

The straps are padded to make things more comfortable for you. A quick-release buckle allows you to connect and disconnect the basket easily, and the entire thing is collapsible for storage.

The front panel is wind and waterproof but can also be rolled up to allow mesh ventilation on hot days. On either side, there are big side pockets for additional items. The inside contains a harness tether as well as a soft fleece bottom padding that is removable for cleaning.

Pros and Cons

Without a doubt, the safety aspects, as well as the versatility of this bike pet carrier, make it a top contender for you and your dog. The cinch mesh top is not a common feature and keeps your dog safely inside.

For cons, some reviewers have noted that the bottom sags a little and hits the tire. Before purchasing, ensure the dimensions will work for your bike. Some have also noted that the backpack design is not great for long trips.

Although a handy feature, it is designed primarily as a bike basket and not a dog backpack.

2. Lixada Collapsible Bike Basket

Best for Durability

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $60

If you want something durable, the Lixada brand is a good place to look. The brand focuses on creating products for outdoor activities and designing products meant to last for those who like to hit the trails. If you like long bike trips, heading out on the mountain, or are training, your pup may not have to stay at home with this durable design.

Made of strong oxford fabric on the sides, the bottom is secured with metal supports. Removable side and base plates also make the basket much more rigid and stable compared to other designs.

This basket is meant for dogs up to 22 lbs, with the dimensions coming in at 14 x 10 x 9.


This bag is also meant for those who are on the go. The quick-release mount and snaps attach easily to handlebars. It has carrying straps to transport the dog inside, as well as a removable shoulder strap. When done with the basket, you can fold it up for easy storage.

The fabric is waterproof and easy to clean after a long day on the bike. The outside comes with an additional pocket and water bottle holder. Over top, two fixing straps help to keep your dog secure, as well as a harness tether inside.

Pros and Cons

The metal support in this basket is hard to find at this price point. The fabric and metal combination makes the basket both comfortable, stable, and safe for your pet to travel in for long-distance and more intense bike rides.

A major con is the lack of any mesh siding for ventilation! No sunshade could also be a problem for long bike rides during sunny days. Reviewers also recommend it only for smaller dogs as the basket itself isn’t too roomy.

3. Lixada Dog Bike Basket

Best for Budget

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $27

If you just want something simple that does the trick without spending too much money, this may be the best option for you. It’s also a great idea to get something small and simple such as this to see if your dog even likes bike riding this way, and then investing in something a little bit higher quality later on.

The basket comes in 5 different colors, the fabric hanging from an aluminum alloy frame to give the basket structure and shape.

This carrier can hold up to 22 lbs but recommends 15 lbs or less for long-lasting use.


The design of the basket is rather simple, with an easy handlebar mount that can release the bag at the push of a button. The fabric hangs from the alloy frame and two straps over top allow this basket to also act as a bag. The design folds for storage when not in use.

Designed for the outdoors, the fabric is designed to be durable and tear-proof! It can handle most weather conditions and wipes clean easily. You will also find a front pouch on the outside for small items.

Pros and Cons

This basket is ideal for those on a budget and just wanting to give something a try.

For the price, the aluminum rim and fabric are of good quality. However, it is a rather small basket and does not contain a harness tether. It seems to be designed as a basket first and a dog carrier second, with few extra features.

And, because of the design, the structure itself is lacking and doesn’t feel as sturdy compared to other bike baskets for dogs.

4. RuffLyfe’s CrateMate

Best for Back of Bike

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $55

This design differs quite a bit from many of the others on this list but that is one of the great things about it. The ingenuity behind this design makes it one of the only dog bike baskets that work well for medium-sized dogs, as not all dogs can fit in fabric baskets without breaking them. Many people prefer to travel with their pets on the rear of the bike rather than the front, but most bike pet carriers are designed to attach to the handlebars. But not the CrateMate!

The CrateMate works with either a 16 qt or a 24 qt milk crate. It works for dogs weighing 15-45 lbs.


The CrateMate is a three-piece set that comes with a 4-point harness, cushion, and crate fasteners. Designed to either work with a front or rear bike rack, you can determine what works best for your pet. However, pets over 20 lbs should go in the back as their shifting weight makes riding more difficult. You will also want to check the load capacity of your rack to ensure your dog isn’t too heavy.

The cushion is designed to work with both milkcrate sizes, being reversible and easily wiped clean. It comes in a light gray color. Another major feature is the 4-point harness, tethered to all four corners of the crate to ensure your dog stays put while cycling!

Pros and Cons

The major upside to this is the versatility in regard to the placement and size of your dog. It’s a little different and it works! But, the downside is that it does not come with the required milkcrate or rack you will need in order to ride.

However, this allows you to buy a crate that is the best size for your dog as well as a rack with the right load capacity.

5. PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Bicycle Basket

Best for Classic Design

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $60

For the stylish pup, you may want to consider this take on the classic wicker basket. While many bike baskets come in wicker styles, very few dog bike baskets can pull it off. But this wicker basket from PetSafe sure does fit the bill!

Designed for pets up to 13 lbs, the basket attaches to the handlebars of your bike with brackets and safety straps. First, you attach a wireframe to the handlebars and then mount the basket to the brackets. You can adjust the position and height of the basket based on your bike and then tighten additional straps around the handlebars.

The basket weighs 5.95 lbs and sits at 16.5 x 10 x 3 inches.


A wicker design on the outside, it contains a soft fleece on the inside to keep your doggy comfortable while cruising. It may even remind them of their bed at home! Machine washable, you can easily remove the lining at the end of the ride and clean up. A tether on the inside of the basket also keeps your pet securely attached.

The product comes with a removable sun shield that allows you to give your dog some relief from the sun without taking away their view and wind. The basket itself is weather-resistant, made of a plastic material that replicates that wicker look.

Pros and Cons

Beyond its stylish look, the fleece lining and additional sunshade are great features to make the ride more enjoyable for your pup. Unfortunately, this basket will only work for really small dogs. The “wicker” is made of plastic which may disappoint those looking for the real thing.

One reviewer also noted this design does not attach well to cruiser-style bikes and makes turning difficult due to the load on the wide handlebars.

6. PetSafe Happy Ride Bicycle Basket

Best for Portable Design

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $50

If you plan to bring your dog to more places on your bike ride, the fact that this bike basket for dogs turns into a pet carrier means you only have to carry one item on your trip. Bring your pet with you into the store to grab a drink or inside the hotel after you park your bicycle.

Similar to the other PetSafe product listed above, the basket is secured to the handlebars with brackets and safety straps. To convert the basket into a carrier, simply remove the basket straps and lift them from the brackets. You can then attach the removable strap and sling the carrier over your shoulder.

The basket is made of gray nylon and fits dogs up to 13 lbs. The product itself weighs 5 pounds and sits at 17 x 12 x 10 inches.


In addition to its portability, the fabric itself is lightweight to make things easier for you while riding – without giving up the structural integrity of the basket. Like the other PetSafe basket, it comes with a removable sun shield for your pet in case the sunrays get too strong while out on your ride.

Inside, you’ll find a tether to attach to the harness. Outside, you can find three additional storage pockets for you or your dog’s items, along with a water bottle holder.

Pros and Cons

The sun shield remains a top benefit. You can adjust the height based on your dog and remove it whenever your dog wants to really sit up and enjoy the weather. Depending on the size of your dog, they will have more room to lay down in this rectangular design.

For cons, some reviewers have noted that the bottom of the carrier is hard and may require a layer of extra padding, such as a blanket or towel. Others noted that there is no place to store the sun shield when not in use, so you may have to wear a backpack yourself or have it on for the entire ride.

7. K&H Travel Bike Baskets

Best for Small Dogs

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $76

While many of these bike baskets for dogs are ideal for smaller dogs, this basket from K&H checks all the boxes! The open-top allows for your dog to truly enjoy the fresh air while the rectangular box design gives the carrier enough structure to feel secure and stable.

The basket comes with a front mount to attach to the handlebars. It comes in two sizes, the small size fitting dogs up to 10 lbs and the large for dogs up to 20 lbs.


One of the best parts about this dog bike basket is that you can purchase additional accessories that some may find very convenient.

A basket hood made of mesh can be fixated over top to allow air to circulate while also sheltering your pup from the sun or other elements. A rear mount is also available for purchase for those who would rather have their dog behind them.

Many struggle to cycle with a pet on the front due to the extra weight, so this may be the next best thing!

The outside houses a rather large zipper pocket for storage as well as a mesh pocket on the other side. On the inside, you’ll find a removable fleece cover that goes over the entire interior. It also has a dual leash tether to stop them from jumping out.

Pros and Cons

Some use the dual leash tether to actually place two (very small) dogs in one basket. The additional accessories make this basket much more versatile than others, though those do come at an additional cost.

The small carrier size does not have much leisure room, so the larger size is recommended for all dogs. The box design also allows more freedom but doesn’t feel as secure for dogs who may like to try and jump out.

8. BARKBAY All-In-One Expandable Pet Bike Basket

Best Overall Bike Basket for Dogs

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

Price: $66

Last but not least, you have the best overall bike basket!

The best will look different for every person and every dog, but this one ranks high on the list as it has quite a few desirable features. Plus, the price point is comparable to most other dog bike baskets on the market. It contains a few designs to keep your dog safe while riding, it has multiple uses beyond a bike basket, and it has a few extra features that aren’t noted anywhere else on this list!

This black-colored bike pet carrier works for dogs 18 lbs and under. The dimensions measure 12 x 10.5 x 13.5 inches, and the basket itself weighs 4.16 lbs.


Your dog is sure to feel comfortable hanging out in this carrier. The top has three different options while riding:

  1. It can remain completely open for your dog to catch all the sights
  2. Zipped with a mesh top to protect them from the sun
  3. Closed completely with a waterproof cover.

The front can also be rolled up for more mesh ventilation!

The side has a cool feature that many may appreciate at rest stops. The mesh window expands to give your pet extra playroom and activity space when you can’t let them out. On the outside, the other side contains a mesh pocket for storing additional items. You’ll also see reflective tape to make riding at night safer for you and your pet. Inside, you’ll find a fleece bottom and harness tether.

Made from oxford cloth, the fabric is waterproof and equipped for light rain. A metal frame gives the basket shape and support. The frame attaches to the handlebars, offering a quick release for quick detachment. Like the other BARKCLAY basket on this list, it also works as a shoulder bag, backpack, and car seat.

Pros and Cons

For many, you will find most of the desirable features on this basket and then some extra ones as well. Not only is it extremely portable, but all the open mesh pockets and closures allow your pet to ride comfortably for all-weather elements.

Reviewers do note that the basket can be too large for some bikes, so make sure the dimensions will work once attached before buying. Others also note that the backpack feature is not meant for long hikes as it isn’t as comfortable for the person carrying the dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bike Baskets

The 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets For 2021

Before you invest in a basket for your bike, take a look at so of these questions we get from readers…

Are bike baskets safe for dogs?

If you invest in the right dog basket, then yes! When dogs run alongside a bike, they are more likely to be injured especially if they’re on a leash. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your dog at home! A dog basket is a safe way to allow your dog to accompany you on long bike rides.

However, you need to make sure your basket has the right safety features for a safe ride. The basket must be able to support its weight. Otherwise, it may break while riding which can be very dangerous for you and your pup. The other feature you will want to look for is some way to tether them to the harness or hold them in place. This will stop your dog from attempting to get out.

How do you secure a dog in a basket?

Before you place your dog in the basket, it’s a good idea to get them comfortable with the basket before heading out on a bike.

Place the basket on the floor and let your dog sniff and go into it on their own time. Anytime you see the dog in the basket, praise them and give them some treats. Once they’re used to the basket and comfortable with it, try taking your dog out for a short ride. They are less likely to freak out while riding if they know the basket beforehand.

Some dog bike baskets have front pockets where the pup can walk in and then you lift and clip the harness to the bracket. Most baskets, however, load in from the top. Harness them in to keep them from jumping out and play around with the features to make your dog comfortable. This could mean an open or closed top, open vents, a sunshade, etc!

Do dogs need a basket?

Having a dog bike basket is one of the best ways to get your dog to safely accompany you on a bike ride. But, they aren’t the only option. You can also invest in a dog backpack for bike rides and hikes. This works only for little dogs so your back doesn’t hurt from so much extra weight!

Large dogs won’t be able to fit in any kind of basket or backpack. Instead, your best option would be investing in a bike trailer. This gives them enough room to feel comfortable while riding safely behind you.

Do dogs need blankets in their basket?

You know your dog best! Some baskets will come with interior padding or a fleece lining and it may not require any additional blankets. Others won’t include anything at all. Some dogs love their dog bed and others prefer the floor. The same could be said about a comfy basket and a basic one.

You will also want to look at the weather and see if a blanket will make everything too hot. Some baskets may also be too small to accommodate the size of a blanket.

How do you put a dog basket on a bike?

Different baskets are mounted in different ways. The most common method for mounting a dog bike basket is on the handlebars. The best basket should come with its own brackets that attach to the front of the bike. The hardware then attaches to the basket. Some baskets only come with straps, but those often won’t be able to support the weight of a dog and will eventually break.

You also need to make sure the basket will fit your bike. Some bikes (cruisers, mountain bikes, etc.) won’t be designed for all dog baskets. Check the measurements and requirements before purchasing to avoid a basket that is too large or won’t properly attach to the bike.

The other method for a dog bike basket is with a rear mount, also known as a luggage carrier. Depending on your bike, there are a few options out there and are fairly simple to install. Make sure it has the load capacity to support the weight of your dog.

Can you put multiple dogs in a bike basket?

You sure can! You will just want to consider a few things first. The dogs’ combined weight must not exceed the weight limits defined by the basket. You will also want to have multiple tethers to harness to ensure both your dogs stay put or find a basket with a lid to keep them inside.

Is a rear bike rack or handlebar basket better?

Both have their pros and cons! Front handlebar dog bike baskets work best for small dogs and it allows you to keep eyes on your dog at all times. However, their shifting weight can make steering and balancing on a bike much more difficult. For larger dogs and those who aren’t super confident with a bike should opt for a rear basket instead.

Can a large dog ride in a bike basket?

It really just depends on how heavy your dog is and the size of your basket. Many of the baskets are more suited for small to medium-sized dogs.

For larger dogs, such as Rottweilers or German Sheperds, it could be easier to purchase a bike trailer to attach to the back of your bike.

Make sure to take a look at the weight and dimensions before buying a bike basket. To make it easier on you, the weight limit and sizing of baskets have been includes in the list down below!

Final Thoughts On Dog Bike Baskets

If you’re looking for the best dog bike baskets to suit your needs, then take a look at our recommended product list. We offer different types of products made from various materials and sizes, so there’s something for everyone!

Every dog is different and will require its own special dog bike basket. Hopefully one of the options on this list makes out to be the ideal basket for your dog. Once it’s all strapped up and ready to go, you and your pup will have the best time hitting the road and trails together.

Out of all the dog bike baskets we offered on this list, which one is best for you? We hope this blog post has helped answer that question. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect fit in our top eight picks!

Happy cycling!

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